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Step 2: Enter Profile

Click on the Enter Profile Here button above. Upload your photo and enter your professional profile.


You will now be able to see your photo at your location on the map.


You can also upload all of your listings, for free.


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Once you have Activated, you will then be able to connect, talk, text and meet with home buyers now, and showcase yourself on the map as on-duty, based on your schedule.


When you Activate now, you will pay the special AgentUpNow introductory monthly fee of just $25.00, (which, by the way, is only $.83 cents per day).

And, when you Activate now, we will 'lock-in' your $25.00 monthly fee, guaranteed never to increase, no matter when, or how high our monthly fees increase in the future.

Bonus: Priority Agent status:

When you Activate now, you will be rewarded with Priority Agent status, which means you will be first agent connected to a home buyer, each day, when you sign on as On-Duty.


All we ask, is when you are on-duty, is that you respond to home buyers, immediately.

After all, home buyers are looking for available, on-duty agents now, so please respond quickly, or the home buyer's call will go to the next on-duty agent.

*Standard Monthly fees are $100.00 per month, so click on the Activate Now button above.


Lock-in your special introductory 
$25 monthly fee, guaranteed never to increase.
You can pay with PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover.
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