AgentUpNow was designed for licensed real estate agents and brokers to 'Instantly' connect with active home buyers.  


Now, home buyers will find you, based on your 

on-duty status, and your location, anywhere, anytime. 


Connect, Talk, Text, Meet. It's never been easier.

We know you work hard, calling, emailing, marketing,

advertising, and spending good money looking for home buyers. 


Every other real estate website directs a home buyer to a property first, at it's location.


We connect the home buyer to you first, at your location. 

Because we believe a professional real estate agent should be leading the way. 


And, the home buyer can display a driving route on the map to meet you, at one of your listings, or any property location, just like Uber.

Call, talk, text, meet. It's never been smarter.

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On AgentUpNow, when you activate your account, your listings are included, for free. We want home buyers to focus on your listings, not on every other listing on the planet.

We only display your listings on AgentUpNow! 

So, enroll and activate your account on AgentUpNow.  


When you activate your account, you will enter your contact information and your photo, and see yourself on the map, at your location, for home buyers to see you and connect with you.


Then you will enter your profile and your listings, which will be displayed on the map for all home buyers to see.


If you are active on Facebook and use Uber, you will appreciate how AgentUpNow will work for you.



This is when it all happens. In order for every agent and broker to be displayed as available and

'On- Duty' and to be 'Instantly' connected to home buyers, you will 'Activate' your account. We will show you how. It's easy. 

Once you are activated, you will be displayed on the map, and connect, talk, text and meet with home buyers, now. 


If you are a buyer's agent, you can showcase yourself 

as available, and on-duty, and be 'Instantly' connected to home buyers. 

If you are a part-time agent, there is no better place to display yourself to home buyers, when and where you are on-duty and available, on your schedule.

And, you can go "On-Duty' and 'Off-Duty' anytime. 


So, get the competitive edge oAgentUpNow.

Home buyers will be looking for you! 


So, let's get started.


It's as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Step 1:  Enroll. Click below.

  • Step 2:  Upload your photo.

  • Step 3:  Activate your account.

  • Bonus: When you activate your account now, you will be rewarded with Priority Agent status, placing you at the top of the list, each time          you go 'On-Duty.'

* Your information is safe and secure with us. Your data will never leave We will never sell your data. We will only share your data with enrolled home buyers on that you choose to be connected with. 

Safety is very important to us at

Anytime an agent is connected to a home buyer, we share the home buyer's information with the agent’s managing broker, for an extra level of security.

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