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Welcome to AgentUpNow.

Traditionally, as a home buyer, you start your search for  properties first, at their locations. 

Now, we connect you to a real estate agent first, at your location.


Because we believe a professional real estate agent, should be leading the way. 

Their knowledge, expertise and access is invaluable, to help you find the perfect home.

You simply connect with an 'On-Duty' agent, and display a driving route on the map, to meet your agent at one of their listings, or at any property location, just like Uber.

Connect, Talk, Text, Meet.

It's never been easier. 

We live in an Instant, on-demand world. Everyone is busy and we all value our time, at work, at home, and with family.


And, we know it can be a challenge for home buyers with everyone's busy schedules. 


AgentUpNow has created the solution, to 'Instantly' connect home buyers with available, on-duty, real estate agents, based on their location, anywhere, anytime, in every city in the U.S.

Home buyers simply enroll for free, go directly to the map, and connect with an on-duty, licensed real estate agent.

Talk, text, meet, and plan your driving route on the map, to meet your agent.


It's never been smarter.

So, let's get started.

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* Your information is safe and secure with us. Your data will never leave We will never sell your data. We will only share your data with licensed real estate agents and brokers that you choose to connect with.

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Instantly connect to

real estate agents, now.

Call, text, meet.


Connect, talk, text and meet active home buyers, now.

Uber style

Chart and display a driving route on the map to meet


See your agents on the map when they connect and meet home buyers

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